Holiday Family Gift Drive

We're doing our best to maintain some normalcy this year and the best way to do that this Holiday season is continuing our tradition of sponsoring a family. This year, due to Covid, our normal partner, the YWCA, is not doing their traditional gift drive. We did some networking with our pal and digital savior, Lauren, over at McCoy Kids, and were able to link-up with a Tacoma family that could use a little bit of holiday cheer. Mom and her three kids were dealt a blow on top of the pandemic this year when her partner/father of the kids unexpectedly passed-away and has been doing everything in her power since to make ends meet.

The Details

Typically we would hand out a sign-up sheet in person but that looks as if it's not happening this season, so let's make it digital! 

  • Visit their holiday wish-list by clicking this link (it will bring you to DreamList) and sign-up for a new item you would like to purchase on their behalf. You should receive an email with your confirmation. 
  • Purchase a new, unwrapped gift and drop it off at Red Hot during business hours any time on or before December 18.
  • After you purchase your gift, click the link in your email to confirm it's on the way. 
  • If for any reason you cannot purchase the gift you signed-up for, no problem, just click the link in your confirmation email and release it.
  • If you prefer to contribute a cash donation to be used towards purchasing remaining gifts and/or a gift card to Fred Meyers for holiday essentials and a meal, you can do so by sending a Venmo payment to Lauren Soto (@elsoto). Please include it's for the Red Hot Holiday Family in the comments. She will ensure 100% will be donated to the effort. 

If you have any questions along the way, please do not hesitate to send us an email. As always, we appreciate you all and our community for making these sorts of things happen. We couldn't do it without you - so thank you!